What to bring?
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        Required belongings to bring for boarding:

  • Own food. We do not change any pet's diet. You must provide
    their own food. It can be pre-packaged in a zip-loc or the entire
    bag may be brought. If the food is pre-bagged in zip-loc, pack
    extra meals. Delays happen when traveling...be prepared!

  • Up to Date Vaccination records. Current proof of Rabies,
    Distemper/'Parvo and Bordatella. We require yearly update on
    the bordatella vaccination. Please make sure your pet gets
    their vaccination or booster at least 10 days prior to any
    boarding or daycare visit. Please speak with your veterinarian
    for their recommendations on the Canine Influenza vaccine. It
    is currently recommended, but not required at our facility.

  • Medications. We will administer medications needed for your
    pet during their boarding visit. Please bring whatever treat
    your pet takes their medicine in. (Pill pockets, cheese, peanut
    butter, ect.) Please be sure the medicine bottles are labeled
    with correct dosage and times to administer meds. A
    refridgerator is on site if needed.

Extra items allowed from home for boarding:

  • Bedding. While we provide bedding as part of your pet's
    boarding stay, you may bring familiar bedding from home.  In
    order for your bedding to be washed at our facility, please
    make certain that the bed has a removeable cover.

  • Toys. While we provide toys for all pets to play with in the play
    yard, you may bring a favorite toy from home to keep in
    boarding area with your pet.

  • Treats. Milk bones, beggin strips and pupperoni treats are
    provided as part of the boarding fee. If your dog would like
    treats packed from home, please bring the amount of treats
    your would like your pet to have during their stay.
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