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Do you work during the day?
Do you have a young puppy who is not completely housetrained?
Does your pet need to loose a few pesky pounds?
Do you want your dog to develop good social skills?

And finally.....

Do you not want to feel guilty knowing your dog is home alone?

The answer to all the above question is to sign them up for Dog Daycare at Kinner Kennels!!!

Even though your pet will not be staying with us overnight, they will still have multiple outdoor
play sessions throughout the day with a nap during lunchtime (11:30-1).

Our trained staff will offer your dog a structured daycare program that will help them be the
best pet possible. Our staff is trained by the top off leash dog experts, the Dog Gurus. This
eduction is ongoing and helps send our daycare and boarding soaring above the competi


                                                   Full day (7am-6pm): $20
                                                      Additional dog: $1