Policies and Information

To ensure a quality stay for your dog, we ask that the following
Policies and Information be read and applied. Thanks!

1. Tours:
We would also appreciate all visitors (wanting to see our facility for a
future boarding stay) to PLEASE schedule an appointment! We
spend most all of our time in the back, and the office is rarely
unlocked unless we are expecting an appointment.
Tours are
available Tuesday-Friday, between 3-6 pm.

Payment Methods:
We accept cash or check only!! We do not accept credit/debit cards.
Payment is due upon pickup, unless long-term boarding (then
monthly payments are to be made).

Missed Appointments and Cancellations:
A late fee will apply for missing a scheduled appointment time. A
deposit (for future boarding stays) will be required for clients that
have failed to show up for a schedule boarding appointment.

***If you are running late for your appointment or know you will
not make your scheduled time, PLEASE call us and let us

If you cancel your dog's boarding stay within seven days of
your reservation there will be a three day minimum boarding
charge ($2
5x3=$75 per dog) billed. If you know your trip dates
are changing, please call as early as possible to fill your dogs
kennel to avoid any fees.
*Kennel reserves the right to waive cancellations fees *

4. Phone Calls, Text Messages, Inquiries:
If you are calling or texting our personal cell phone, PLEASE keep all
inquiries to regular business hours, which can be found above.
Please respect our availability via our cell.

5. Unless other arrangements have been made, dogs will
only be returned to their owner(s).

6. Dogs which are hard to handle, etc. may incur an additional

7. Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered may not be able
to play in large groups.
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