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Our facility is designed for your pet's comfort. All of our runs have privacy panels to help your pet feel
stress-free. Don't worry if you have two pets needing to see each other, they can stay across from one
another. We do not charge boarding fees according to your pet's weight. Other boarding facilities do this
because they have different sized cages and runs, we do not! All of our units are sized large enough to
house up to four small dogs or two larger dogs.

Music will be playing for your dog in our boarding area.



Our fees are based on a 24 hour schedule. We do NOT have a set "check out" time before you are
charged for another day. Your check out time for new charges depends on what time you checked in.
Example: If you check in at 8am, you will have until 8am the following day to pick up to be charged for a
single day. If you check out after that new day charges will apply.  

                                                          First dog: $2
                                      Additional dog (sharing a kennel): $
                                       Additional dog (different kennel): $

         *Please ask about our active military deployment and extended stay discounts*

                                                  Boarding Rate includes:

                                - Treats- Milk bones, Pupperoni, Beggin Strips
                                - Toys
                                - Bedding-  Non filled, sherpa mats, fleece blankets
    - 4-5 supervised play sessions to our outdoor half acre play yard


Typical Daily Schedule

                        6-6:30 am Wake up and first morning playtime
                        7:00am Breakfast
                        9-11am Additional morning playtime
                        11:30-1pm Nap time
                        2-4pm Afternoon Play Session
                        5-5:30pm Supper time
                        8:30-9:30pm Evening playtime and Bedtime

Dog Boarding
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