Welcome to Kinner Kennels
Bring your pet to Kinner
Kennels for plenty of TLC
After a game of fetch,
cool off in the pool!
A full service dog boarding kennel
Here at Kinner Kennels, we focus on giving your dog
the care and attention that he deserves. Being a
small country kennel, we are concerned with the
quality of care we give your dog, not the quantity of
dogs that we can board.

Why choose Kinner Kennels?
We have a 1/2 acre, fenced play yard for the
Most kennel runs are indoor/outdoor
Conveniently located 6 miles West of
Springfield, IL
Business hours are by appointment to fit into
everyone's schedule
Air-conditioned indoor kennels

What do we offer?
As a full service dog boarding facility, we offer several services ranging from: doggy day care, overnight
boarding, extended stay boarding, and basic

Put your mind at ease
Now, you can relax after choosing Kinner Kennels.
Your dog will not only be treated with love and
kindness, but we will treat them like they are one of
our own.

The kennel is located in a quiet, rural setting. The
play yard has a pool, lots of toys to play with, and is
always shaded. You will rest easy knowing that while
you are on vacation, so is your dog.
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